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In the past 12 months our nurses have helped over 2,000 patients and families deal with the emotional and physical pain of dying as the result of a terminal illness.

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Peggy Drury

“The nursing staff, or ‘Ashgate Angels’ as I call them, are unbelievable. They’re there to help you get better and aren’t just working for the pay cheque at the end of the month. They’re all very friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.”

Laura Harrison

"The nurses and volunteers were lovely too – they would sit and chat with us and they even sang him ‘Happy Birthday’ on his birthday! The nurses cater to each specific person and will talk and get to know the person. It’s a lot more personal than what we’d have gotten in hospital."

Hannah and Sarah Wilmot

“If mum said she wanted a gin and tonic, the nurses would get her one. She was really picky with her food as well so they would make things especially for her. It was nice to know she was being looked after so well because the staff actually had the time to care for her.”

Joyce Stewart

“George can’t wait to see Pam because she looks after him and his needs. They’ll have a cup of tea and a chat together and George will reminisce about the past. He looks forward to it and she keeps him happy."

Amy Bannister

"It's not just the patient in the bed - it's the relatives as well."

"When you look back, it's blatantly obvious the nurses were looking after the relatives too. They treat the whole patient there, even the personality. They knew granddad liked having a laugh so they'd come in and play along with him. They got to know his character. It's not all about the illness, he wasn't just a number.”